Our purpose is to help our members unlock their full potential and achieve growth in their lives.

We have concluded that the UAE is a very small territory with thousands of SMEs that simply need exposure and an opportunity to meet other SMEs without resistance. Therefore, we created an inner circle of business owners. We support, advertise and connect them for company growth which enables our members to create the perfect opportunity to meet their exact target market, taking out the hard part in building new relationships.

Being part of our community establishes internal recognition amongst all other members. With our support, our clients’ feel as though they have an extra arm in their marketing team, giving a new dynamic approach to helping their business grow.

Our management and CRM team are highly experienced at connecting people. Our main goal is to help others succeed. Meeting new clients daily and understanding their needs or requirements is at the core of our values.

It is our mission to enhance business growth and maximise the potential of all our members within our unique and exclusive inner circle.

Quite simply, PGS is a new form of business; advertising, networking and solutions. Giving clients the ability to get what they need without the hard graft of a cold sale.

No other organisation is doing what we do!

Grow your network and let’s grow together!