Forge New Relationships

Being a member of our network will enable you to meet various business owners and decision-makers from all industries. We will introduce you to any member of PGS at your request, making introductions personal in order for you to establish new relationships.

Internal Recognition

As a business you may have accomplished a task, met a difficult deadline or won an award in your industry. We feel it is important to share your success stories. Members also have the facility to positively give feedback via our testimonials section on the members’ page. 

Promote & Advertise

As a member, you will have the ability to advertise and promote yourself within. This could be a current promotion for your designated services or simply raising the presence of your brand.

Keeping You Connected

PGS organises regular meetups and events allowing our members to stay connected on a professional and personal level. All events will be for existing members and invitation only.

Member Support 

We believe in providing the best service to make you feel truly valued. Our CRM team will encourage you to use your membership to its full potential in order for you to benefit from everything that we offer. They will assist you with placing adverts, giving and receiving testimonials, creating posts on the members forum, connecting you to other members and more.

PGS will go the extra mile to assist you with anything you may require.

Dynamic Mindset

The world of business is constantly evolving. As a member of PGS you will meet other VIPs, giving you the opportunity to learn about the developing changes within all industries. Most sectors are linked, sometimes indirectly; therefore we recognise it is important to know what other industries are doing to keep up with the times.

Understanding your competition is just as significant as knowing your customer. By surrounding yourself with influential individuals, you will have the ability to learn more about your clients’ needs as well as your competitors’ strategies.

PGS has a belief to share successful ideas with all of its members. We promote fresh ideas to changes that can be made to improve on business growth and create new opportunities.

It’s Not All Business

Our belief is to grow your network professionally and personally. Within our members forum and events section, you will have the ability to join or create social activities with other members. Enjoying hobbies with new people is a priceless way to get to know someone.

Through our affiliates, you will benefit from a range of discounts and more. See our affiliates page here